You can reach us via email at or call us on (+254) 725 207738.

Rehoboth Centre
(Embulbul) Before Ngong Town
Nairobi, Kenya.

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You can reach us via email or phone an ask to speak to a sales representative.

We operate Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 5:30pm excluding public holidays.


We want to make creating your print files as easily as possible. You can use our online design tool to customised your personalized item. In the design tool, you can choose your favourite design template, personalize it online and submit your order directly.

The following products are supported:
Business cards, Letterheads, Flyers, Notepads, Postcards, Roller banner and Boards/Signs.

Yes you can. The supported file types are PDF, jpeg and png (max size 40mb). You are responsible for ensuring the correctness and transparency (if applicable) of your uploaded design.

The order placement process is finished once you have uploaded the print files and payment is received. Due to the automated processes in our production department, printing may begin immediately or within a few hours depending on the product.
Unfortunately, you cannot change your order or print files after the order is the “in production” stage.

If you are unable to find the desired print product or suitable product configuration from our product range, we will be glad to send you an individual offer. To this end, please make a price inquiry and describe your request.

If you are unable to find the desired print product or suitable product configuration from our product range, we will be glad to send you an individual offer. To this end, please make a price inquiry and describe your request.

You can add multiple products to your shopping cart and order them together in our online shop. Afterwards, make sure to assign the correct artwork files to the respective orders when uploading the files.

The production time for each ordered product will be specified. The products will be dispatched in a single delivery as soon as they are all finished.

Yes. It may be possible. If you’re willing to pay extra for bespoke printing sizes than contact us to see what we can do.

Contact us to speak with our design team and we can create a bespoke design that is right for you. We will be pleased or enthusiastic to work with you on your design project.

You may also order design services from he website here.


After you have finished the upload of your print files and we have received your payment, we will start producing your order.

You cannot make changes to your print files after upload. We thus recommend checking your print files in terms of content, design, spelling and the compliance with our data requirements before uploading.

You do not get an extra approval PDF.

After you have finished the upload of your print files and we have received your payment, we will start producing your order. An order confirmation email will be sent to your email upon successfully placing the order.

We archive your print files for three years.

Please make sure to use a sufficient size and width for fonts when creating your design.

Please make sure to use a sufficient width for lines when creating your layout.

The bleed is the margin extending beyond the final format of the print product and will be trimmed by the cutting machine. Print-ready artwork refers to the finished size of your printed product including the bleed. Without bleed, you can have a white border margin around the trim edge. To prevent this, any elements that will print to the edge of the finished product should be extended beyond this edge out to the bleed edge.

Position critical graphic and text elements at least 0.8 centimetres away from the final trim size unless otherwise specified.

If you include the bleed, these elements should hence keep a distance of at least 1 centimetre from the edge of the print file.

Computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone screens work in the RGB colour mode. What you see differs depending on settings (e.g. brightness, contrast, colour temperature and calibration) and processing quality of the screen. In order to achieve colour fidelity (like on print products), screens must be calibrated and profiled using a measuring device. Your program’s output preview, also called soft proof, simulates the colour result in printing.

The colour representation in the production of your print product also depends on the print substrate or material selected because different paper types have different characteristics. Recycled paper tends to have a grey-yellowish colouring while offset or art print paper can be more whitish or blueish.

The resolution of your print files has a major influence on the print quality of your product. For highly precise details (“sharpness”), please design your print files in high resolution.

We do not check your print files for spelling or design errors. Please check your print files before uploading.

Transparencies occur if you lower e.g. the opacity of objects or add a shadow effect in the layout program: These elements appear transparent. Please make sure that the transparency blend colour range is consistent (e.g. CMYK).

It is possible to print on certain materials and have a machine cut along the path of your design. To do this, we require that you provide the appropriate cut line in bright red colour (unless the artwork is in red, in which case use black).

The subtractive CMYK colour model forms the technical foundation for modern four-color printing.

Always design your print files in the CMYK colour mode. We automatically convert print files submitted in RGB into CMYK. Please note that conversions of RGB to CMYK may lead to colour shifts since not all RGB colours can be represented in the CMYK colour range.


At the moment we accept only Lipa na Mpesa.

Your invoice will be sent to you immediately upon completing the checkout process.

Go to your order overview and open “Details & actions” in the respective order. Click the “Show invoice” button or the invoice number to open or save the invoice PDF.


For deliveries within Nairobi and the larger Nairobi Metropolitan area, The delivery cost is a function of the distance between the delivery address and the dispatch point (our address).

For deliveries beyond this range, the cost of third party courier services will also apply.

A subsequent change of delivery address is possible whilst your order is “in production”. This may result in higher or lower delivery fees. Please contact us in this regard.

Yes, you can pick up your order at our office address after it has been produced.

Orders are delivered once they have been produced. The production times depend on the item and/or your selection from the respective product page. You will find the lead time indicated on the product page.
Your order will be delivered once all items in the order have been completed.

You can track the current status of your order in the ‘Orders’ section of the website under ‘My Account’.

Should there be any delays on delivery of your order, we will let you know before-hand. However, if you have not received the items on the calculated delivery date, please contact us.

Before the order is dispatched, the rider will contact you to ensure you are present before delivery. If you are absent at the time of delivery, the deliveryman will leave a delivery notice specifying information regarding the whereabouts of your order and further proceedings.


Please contact us directly via email or phone to raise a complaint.

The settlement of your complaint depends on the result of the examination. Depending on the defect established, we may offer you a reprint or store credit.

We aim to deliver the best possible printing experience to our customers. If you are not completely satisfied with your order for any reason, please contact our customer service to handle your complaint.
Depending on the issue, we will provide store credit of an equivalent amount or reprint your order. If the reprint still has defects, we provide a full refund within 1 business day.

Generally, the production and delivery times of the original order apply for reprints. However, we try to process your reprint more quickly for you to have the order as quickly as possible.

The specified product configuration, e.g. quantity or paper weight, cannot be changed for reprints.